aahhhh~aaaahhhh~😣 the feelssssss you guys!!!! I can't! I just can't!! SEO JOON AAHHH~!! Seo Joon oppa~!!!😣😒 MUST WATCH!!!!!!

PLEEEAAASSSEEE OPPA DONT DO THIS TO ME JEBAL!!!! Guys....let me know what you guys think about so far for this drama... and just in case you guys don't know this drama it's call "She was Pretty/Beautiful" This by far for this year is the utmost and absolutely "THE MOST" (lol..you'll understand what I mean if you saw this drama. lol) hilarious, exciting, touching, and romantic drama. I even downloaded all of the ost so far presented by this drama. I barely survive from SEO Joon magical spell... lol.. he's is just so damn cute, handsome, and funny. I'm really loving it how he can bring out the character into life and by far... he is the FIRST character I never seen before and Seo Joon nailed it by bringing in all the color to portray this amazing character "crazy Joon" lol... alright I don't want to make this a ten page essay so pleeeaasssee feel free to leave a comment below. I really want to fangirl right now with someone about this drama...lol. I know it's been a while since I update and despite so much homework, I couldn't just let this drama slip up my sleeves... I just got to post this and make it viral. lol. Guys..lets make this drama viral. lol. Have a nice day!!

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