A Guide to Dating a Tattooed Millennial Hipster

Looks like you're interested in Tattooed Millennial Hipsters (THM), good on you. You've made an excellent choice. As the Undisputed Prince of Vingle Hipsters, I figured I should try to give you guys a short guide on how to properly date/meet a THM.

I know, I am barely tattooed but I am completely a hip-hipster. So, if you allow me to be your metaphorical Aladdin, trust me and hop on this magical carpet ride to the heart of a dummy with a ton of tattoos and a bad taste in music.

First things first, you might have to get a tattoo yourself. Seriously. Even if you don't like tattoos, you better get one ASAP. This will attract a Tattooed Hipster Millennial to you in a heartbeat. We'll come up to you and ask "where you get your work done". And when you answer, we'll pretend we know the artist that hooked you up.

This is an invitation to touch our muscle-y arms

this songThis is an invitation to find us endearing

This isn't about you. It is never about you when it comes to THMs, do not forget this.

you cannot correct us

While at the bar, you will order what we recommend even though we will choose to order a PBR. THMs like to come off as salt-of-the-earth, poor but hard-working, real Americans. This is not true.

We are self-importantWe contribute to the chaos

You will not fall in love with a Tattooed Millennial Hipster. You will become one.

And fall in love with yourself.

i did all that i could.
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