The King 2 Hearts Ep 17 - LIVE recap + screenshots - Part 4

 Jae Ha lost his contact with Si Kyung for a while, and he also finally talked with Jae Shin about it. Suddenly Si Kyung came and met Jae Ha. He told Jae Ha that John Mayer even offered him a position in Club M. Si Kyung said, maybe it's better to join Club M and work there as a spy. But Jae Ha was objected about that. Meanwhile, Jae Shin said she is detemined to gain back her memory. She knows that she will be really suffering with the method used by the psychiatrist (so she even tied herself to anticipate herself being panic TT) The psychiatrist put her asleep and she started to remember things in her sleep. She remember she was kidnapped by the evil woman, and she talked with John Mayer in the phone. He told Jae Shin to put the poison herself in the chimney (he told her to 'sent' her brother peacefully rather than Club M will kill the King severely!) She didnt want to do that but she was forced to. 
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