Get to Know Meeee~

Was asked to do this by my good friend,@Shawollete

This is only my second time at making a card so if it's sucky then feel free to avert your eyes!

Here we goooooooo!

My favorite kpop group is of course BigBang, but that's probably because my bae is in it. I need not say his name anymore today or else I will start having heart palpitations.

I live in a small city in the Southern part of the United States. The Deep South, actually. There are few here who understand the beauty of Asian men and the joys of Japanese and Korean entertainment and we few that do are ridiculed by the majority. Plus, there's nothing to do here! 8D So there's not really much to say about my sorry old backwards town. Mayhaps, a certain friend of mine would like to elaborate more on our merry little city? *grins*

What I want to be when I grow up--

W-wait...I'm already grown up! D':

I'm 21 years old so the future is already here for me. I'm currently going to college as an English major. Don't know what I'm gonna do with it. All I know is I want to be a writer and publish some books from time to time. I'm actually working on a fanfic right now!

FOOOOOOOOD!!!!! YAAAAAS!!!!! I am such a foodie, but a few of my favorites are pictured above. I love to eat, and because I am blessed with high metabolism, I barely gain any weight from it.

My Hobbies:

Video Games - The Sims, Skyrim, Harvest Moon, etc.

Asian Music - Various. I am a big Hello!Project fan though.

Anime/Manga - Boys Over Flowers, Nana....omg why I am listing these?! I will be here forever!

Kdramas - Haven't decided on a fav but I am enjoying Who Are You: School 2015 at the moment.

Writing Stories and Poetry

Reading Fantasy Novels - Eragon is my absolute fav~

THREE LIKES: Turtles, Being a Christian, Watching YouTube videos

THREE DISLIKES: Dirty Bathrooms, Insects, Math

I have nothing else to say about myself really. Lol. This is my third attempt at making this card because the last two times I kept messing up the format. I don't really have many friends I can talk to about my hobbies so I'm always looking for new people to chat with! I'm really shy, though. Teehee! ^_^

Now I shall give@Shawollete a small nudge. It's YOUR turn, missy! 8D

Thanks for reading, everyone! Have an amazing day~

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