BIGBANG Screenshot Game My Results!

Some interesting things happened! Best Friend ~ Jiyong (PARTY TIME!) Crush ~ T.O.P (who isn't crushin' on him?) Secert Admirer ~ T.O.P (mutual love!) Takes You Out ~ T.O.P (will he confess?!) Takes You On A Weekend Cruise ~ Taeyang (No! My bae was going to confess to me...) Have kiddos With ~ Daesung (I was just so upset I cried on Dae's shoulder and things got a lil steamy. Couldn't resist that eye smile! Our kids will be beautiful happy lil angels though!) Boyfriend ~ Jiyong (he couldn't resist the awkwardness that is me! LOL!) Jealous One ~ Daesung (baby daddy doesn't like to share i guess) Writes A Love Song For You ~ Taeyang (he fell for me on tbe cruise i just know it) Husband ~ T.O.P (aww I love you too! see he was taking me out to propose!) I'm feeling very femme fatal right now... only one I'm missing is the squishy panda! Next time panda, next time...

Hey I'm Kelly, or KellBells whichever, and I love Kpop, Kdramas, food and funny stuff!
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