Jessica Jones' Latest Trailer is a Bloody Mess

The next Marvel Netflix series got another teaser trailer recently and it definitely sets the tone of what the show will be like. I've been somewhat in the dark about the series -- purposely, of course, I did the same thing with Daredevil -- so seeing little bits like this that don't give away much of anything help to increase my excitement.

The trailer, titled Nightcap, barely shows any action. It's who we assume to be Jessica Jones trying to listen to a Joan Jett song on a finicky Jukebox. There are two things that really caught my eye while I watched this trailer:

It establishes Jessica as a character.

We know this show is going to be violent.

Now, I honestly don't know much about Jessica Jones's character. Maybe@shannonl5 and her Marvelers can give me some backstory and perspective?

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