Latin American Candy: Chupa Chups

You guys -- Halloween is almost here! I am looking forward to costumes, candies, and tequila-soaked gummy worms.

Alright folks, so Chupa Chups were founded in Spain, but they're VERY popular in Latin America. They are also sold in the US. Thinking you've seen these somewhere? You probably have. I used to eat some of these growing up. It's just one of those lollipop brands that I'd see in several stores down in south Florida.

These lollipops are soooooooo freakin' cheap. Like, seriously cheap.

Apparently the name of these lollipops from from the Spanish verb "chupar" which means to lick or suck. Chupa Chups are normally sold by the bag. If you're looking for a cheap, sugar-laden candy to give to the kids for Halloween, this is your best bet. You can buy a bag of 50 for around 6 bucks on Amazon. That's about 12 cents per Chupa Chups -- that ain't so bad!

They have soooo many flavors! They have pineapple, banana milk, cotton bubble gum, matcha latte....and the list goes on-and-on.

Now, I have to think of some kind of recipe to merge Chupa Chups with tequila! ;)

Look, an awkward commercial for Chupa Chups.

I like cheeseburgers and cheap wine.
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