Results and In!!

Question: Which Lee Min Ho Oppa would you like to marry? Please Pick One!. First place : Faith General Choi Young!!! 31% voted for him! Second Place: City hunter, Lee Yoon-sung! (:! Third Place: Boys over flower,Gu Jun-pyo! Forth Place: Personal taste Jeon Jin-ho! although Gu Jun-pyo oppa, is the riches compared to all of them, but he did not get first place but Second place! So this really tells guys all around that most girls wont marry because the dudes rich, but because he loves her! (: So therefor Choi Young oppa, a person that first thinks of the safety of his woman, before the safety of the King, really Does deserve getting 1st place! ((((: (eventhou i voted for Lee Yoon-sung oppa! ) so here you have it, The Results. (: sorry i took so long :( :)

Do what you have to do. (:
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