Punny News: It’s Back

Previously I wrote a collection entitled: Punny News. And I did it every day for several weeks.

Truthfully, I love making puns and being a weirdo. So I made the news into puns that I published.

Then, I got burnt out. Puns are hard dude.

But since then, I have missed the puns in my life and decided to have them back. But only on a weekly basis. I don’t want to be drained of my punniness!

So here’s how it works. I’m taking the top 5 stories from the week in the News Community and making them into pun summaries.

Here’s this week’s Punny News

1. The Popedog Craze is sweeping the nation! What does that mean exactly? Well it means that the Pope is allowing dogs into heaven... well sort’ve. He barked up a statement saying that pets go to heaven. Let’s just say we labrADORE this news.

(story by@InPlainSight)

2. Hey guys...water you docking aboat?! Well, Water was Discovered on Mars. I made a whole punny card about it. It’s all about flowing water and stuff. It’s pretty cool. (except maybe the water, because well, it’s on Mars.)

3. In a series of fortunate events Lemony Snicket Dropped 1 Million Dollars on Planned Parenthood. Just as this is happening, Congress is planning a budget that conservatives are not too happy about. Because it gives this non-prof more money. There is a lot of controversy and so money arguments about it...

(story by@TessStevens)

4. The first-ever glowing sea turtle was discovered. Yeah, that’s right the first ever biofluorescent reptile recorded on the planet. Nat Geo released a video, I say you should sea it for yourself.

And now, follow my collection for your weekly puns. You can also set your notification and get notified every time my Punny News goes out.

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