Transform Your Rental: Temporary Wallpaper!

If you're looking for a sure-fire way to change your space, look no further than temporary wall paper. Though wall paper in general gets a bad rap for being tacky and outdated, these new prints and ideas will have you wanting to purchase your own.

It's cheap, easy and can help you transform your space!

Now let's get to decorating!

Temporary wall paper can serve as an accent to nearly any room. This word-laden wall is a great focal point for a bed or living room. I'm totally looking into this for my new apartment. Words are my thing, and it would be awesome to infuse my space with them!

It's also a great way to show your personality without a lot of attachment.

It'll give you an easy way to pop some color into an otherwise dull and boring space.

We all have that one room we hate.It's un-decorated or just a complete mess. There's nothing unifying it. Temporary wall paper can help alleviate that pain. Check out this adorable striped pattern, perfect for any room lacking in vibrancy.

You can also use temporary wall paper to make-over the most boring part of your kitchen: the refrigerator.

You can put this stuff on nearly anything because...duh. It's removable and totally temporary. Most brands are also water soluble. So if you're renting, or in a temporary home you'll be able to keep things personal and then remove it when you leave.

If you don't want to apply it directly to the wall, you can make panels and attach them to the wall with tacs, nails or hooks.

You've got a new accent for like...nothing!

You can buy seriously cute temporary wall paper from the sites below.


Design Your Wall


Sherwin Williams

Would you do this to your home?

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