My Imaginary K-Pop Group [Challenge]

Hey everyone~ LiNaHyun here with a challenge of sorts for everyone. Create you own Imaginary K-Pop group. I have a very active imagination so making characters is a regular thing for me as I'm a writer as well and my imaginary group has been with me since I started liking K-Pop back in 2008. I will be using ulzzangs in this, you may chose to do so as well ^^ So without further ado, let me introduce you to my K-Pop idols.

So first and foremost, my idols' group's name is D-EVO.

Which stands for Dance Evolution. My group majors in dance. Any dance, hip hop, b-boy, freestyle, pop, tango, waltz, salsa, etc. They are signed under Starship Entertainment and debuted in 2008. My group also hosts a show on ariang called "Dancing Around The World", with the group members MCing the show 3 members at a time with guests coming in weekly ^^ In the show, the members with their guests, will play different games that come from around the world, as well as talk to fans through live video chat. The group consists of 7 family members (they're all cousins unless stated otherwise ^^) whom I will introduce to you right now ^^

First up we got our leader oppa, Jayden!

Full NameEnglish NameNationalityAgeBirthdatePositionOther RolesLanguagesPersonality

Next up, our bad boy Insoo!

Full NameEnglish Name:NationalityAgeBirthdatePositionOther RolesLanguages~Personality

Next, twin #1 Wei!

Full NameEnglish NameNationalityAgeBirthdatePositionOther RolesLanguages~Personality

Introducing twin #2 Shengli!

Full NameEnglish NameNationalityAgeBirthdatePositionOther RolesLanguages~Personality

Here comes the troublemaker, Kangsoo!

Full NameEnglish NameNationalityAgeBirthdatePositionOther RolesLanguages~Personality

Introducing the dance queen and only girl, Yian!

Full NameEnglish NameNationalityAgeBirthdatePositionOther RolesLanguagesPersonality

And last but not least our maknae, Min!

Full NameEnglish NameNationalityAgeBirthdatePositionOther RolesLanguagesPersonality

BONUS: Yian's younger brother, Jaean!

Full NameEnglish Name:NationalityAgeBirthdateLanguagesHis RolePersonality

Fun Facts about D-EVO:

~Most of their family is involved with music in some way ~Jayden's father owns Starship Entertainment ~Wei, Shengli, and Min were born in China ~Jayden was born in the US ~Yian was born in the US but was raised in Thailand ~Insoo and Kangsoo were born and raised in Japan ~Jaean moved into the D-EVO household when he turned 18 ~After his father retires, Jayden will take over Starship ~Every two years, their whole family has a reunion and D-EVO performs ~Yian and Kangsoo are obsessed with cars and go racing every now and then ~Yian, Wei, and Shengli are all 3rd degree black belts in Brazilian jiu jitsu and tae kwon do


If you guys would like to know more about them let me know and I'll add it to the card ^^ Have a great day everyone and I look forward to seeing your groups *kiss*


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