Author Lemony Snicket Just Rocked Every Women's World

Lemony Snicket, author of the beloved (but still very upsetting) "Series Of Unfortunate Events" has decided to donate $1 million to Planned Parenthood! And all I can say is a huge thank you from (most) women everywhere!

Planned Parenthood has been taking a lot of heat recently because conservative republicans who have never ever stood near a planned parenthood believe that they know what is happening better then the millions of women who work and receive care from there. Snicket and his wife decided to share their wealth because they have "been very fortunate" and want to share the money "with a noble cause."

Lemony Snicket believes that "Planned parenthood has gone through a series of unfortunate events" and I can't help but agree. $1 million towards women's health goes along way!!! Rock on Lemony and I can not wait for the unfortunate series to come out!

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