My Story "Gone"

Chapter 2 I requip my clothes next, from jeans and a t-shirt to my practice armor. This is the only time , the only place, I can practice in peace. I swing my sword and it hits the tree with an exhilarating force. I love it so much I throw multiple more. It's different from the usual, you know, using a sword in modern civilization, but I feel most comfortable ising it, and we're in the middle of nowhere too. I hear a twig snap behind me and spin around to face Will. I have my sword pointed at him, but he laughs. "You nearly scared me to death," I say, lowering the sword. I dont know why I'm scared. I mean, we're the only ones out here. "But I'm the one who had a sword pointed at his throat." He laughs again. He puts on his serious face. "Besides, arent you supposed to be training with a gun? They'ee much faster and pratical." "I like swords more." "Well, you can practice the gun tomorrow. It's getting late and Kazami wants a book before bed." I look up to confirm that it is getting dark. The sun is almost down, and I'd only got to pracyice a couple minutes. We walk back in silence. The kids have all calmed down by the time I get back in. Nia's fallen asleep on Bell's shoulder, and Eric's playing Call of Duty. I walk into Kazami's room to find her floating above her bed. Oh Yea. I should probably tell you, Kazami can fly. I can requip, which is basically being able to pull clothes and weapons out of thin air. Eric can see the future. I grab To Kill a Mockingbird and get Kazami to lay down. Will says it's too grown up for Kazami, but Jessie read it to me at the same age. I just tell Will that maybe he should stop treating her like a baby. We were reading about the trial when Kazami stopped me. "Mari," she says quietly. "Why are they so mean to Tom Robinson?" Uh oh. I feel a life lesson coming on. "Well," I say, prwparing myself for the worst. "He's different. And because he's different, they don't like him." "He's not that different. Be just looks like it. Tom's not like us." Great. At least she's not racist. "How about we go to sleep now." Kazami lays down and I tuck her in. "Good night." "Night Mari." I step out, turning off the light and closing the door. I change into pjs using my requip, and take a seat on the couch. I pull out my book of classic poetry and start reading "The Raven." I love poetry, expecially one, because its a great way to show emotion and tell others how you feel. The kids have gone to bed. Even Will's gone too. Nice, peaceful, silent. I'm three "nevermores" into the poem when there's a scream from the other room.

Hello. I'm an anime addict and am in love with Fairytail. I read and write a lot, and plan on being published one day. I'll enjoy any support.
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