Friday Night: Learn Korean With Me!

In this Lesson we are gonna learn different ways to say more greetings! They are very important. You have to now how to actually introduce yourself. And there are different ways of doing this depending on who you're talking to. if there is someone who is "higher class" than you, there is a way to greet them. otherwise you are seen as disrespectful, trust me, i learned the hard way. Korea had different Politeness levels, so this is what the next couple of lessons are going to go over. Lets begin!

Step One: Know who you're talking too, if they are older, even by a little bit, you should probably give a more respectful greeting. The difference between the two ways are kinda hard to decipher so i will take it easy on ya. Lets learn to introduce ourselves shall we? 내가 애슐리입니다. or naega aesyulliibnida.(I am Ashlee, the name will obviously be different for you just remember this, it goes, Naega [y/n] Ibnida.) And yes, my name looks alot different when its in korean, dont worry, yours does too. (If you want me to give you your name in Korean, leave a comment or message me with your name!) alright lets break it down, Nae-ga-[y/n]-ib-ni-da. lets sound it out, Nay. Guh. y/n. eeb. nee. dah. No problem. if you have questions about how to insert your name, just leave a comment or send me a message, i will gladly help you!

(Sorry Suga Stans) Next in this lesson, we will learn how to say hello to an elder (or someone who is "higher class") Not too different from the actual greetings but there are things like Mr, ms, and mrs that we need to worry about. We will focus on the "Ms." for this one, its the easier one. 안녕하세요, 미스 애슐리. or annyeonghaseyo, miseu aesyulli. This simply means "Hello, Miss Ashlee." or you can do "annyeonghaseyo, [name] shi." which means the same thing. we already know how to say annyeonhaseyo, so lets break down the "miseu" part. Mi-seu. lets sound it out now, Me. Suh. BOOM you are already gettin this down! Man, you guys are good. Now lets do the other one real quick. its simply annyeonghaseyo, [name] shi. which is pronounced "she". easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Ya'll are good to go! In the next lesson I will go over more of this kind of stuff in the next lessons. ❤ and as always, leave a comment below if you have questions or, well, comments!

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