[Flower boy next door] LIVE RECAP EP14

This is 'flower boy next door' live recap for ep 14. It air 11pm on Febuary 19th. See you then~ ^.^ It's time to watch Kekuem ^.^ hehehe * Vietnamese Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/111239 * Indonesian Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/111615 DM: KK...i was working for your book...so i know your dream.. How could I prevent you from going to Spain... KK: ...Then why don't we go to Spain together? Would you want to join with me?...Look...you cannot go to Spain...so Stop persuading like that... KK says that he is only the one who loves her. KK tries to have an effort to persuade her. DM: i will consider it.... KK: You think that i make you be changed, right? no... I'm also changed because of you...so before your decision, i will never whin for it...but then you have to not to talk go to Spain until then. In front of the musician KK: Oh, and the second thing that i have been changed is jealously. Stop looking him!!!!!!!!! DM: Would you just stay a longer? KK: No!! Let's go. Anyway, the apartment loses power. So today, there is no water and electricity in this apartment.. KK invites guests to his house. KK: Come on~ just stay in what you want to seat. DM realizes that KK is lonely when he is in his home alone. JL got a message from JL's coworker that i think the reason that you are denied from DM is because of your fashion. JL: What? anyway hey i lose my webtoon because of blackout. please deliever it to the director of the webtoon. On the table, they are eating ramen. JL asks KK that are you really giving up your animation? KK: Maybe...i don't know well.. she is coming out to the world right now. I think it is too big burden for her...it is right to give up my dream.... Someone overhears it. The director of the webtoon and JL's coworker work together to restore JL's webtoon. Wow lovely current blows between them kkk In KK's house. JL is still working. At that time, he faces into DM. JL says that when KK was about to leave here, he asked me that stay with her and protect her... JL: So, do not afriad of anything... whatever his decision, he never changes ...cheer up. KK's fans are waiting to down KK's webpage. They desires that please come back to animatioon's world. In the Kitchen. JL, KK and JL's coworker have a secret design. maybe it is related with JL's inheritance. When DM appears, they are embrassed so KK keeps making excuses like DH's accident. ( You know that JL got angry to her because of doodle on the door.) Wow JL, KK and JL's coworker (YDH) wear a suit ! wow wow beautiful. They visits JL's brother. JL's brother ask for giving up inheritance. KK poses as a Marfia. JL: He can't speak korean.... KK:Want Number two ( In Spainish) JL: Want Number two? KK: Want Number two!!!!!!! (Conversation like this....)kkkkk His brother got shocked...but he got the paper from JL. anyway at that time YDH robs his brother's car and they finally found out something in his trunk. But the reality is different...they cannot rob his brother's car .. kkkk so they are just coming back to home... On the bus. KK got a call that when is your plan to go back to Spain. KK: It is my mind!! Why so many people are wondering this? ㅜㅜPlease do not say this to me... JL: Go away! KK: What? JL, You also say this? JL: No..it's time to ride off!! This station is our house. KK...Ah...i understand... In front of his apartment so many fans are waiting for him... It was a plot by his big fan (I don't know her name) DM is visiting DH. DM: I have a question to you...i know you have lied about our highschool days...i understand but the one thing...why are you searching me? is it a lie, right? DH: Why? huh yes you're right. Why do i have to find you? Actually i was finding out JL. DM: Why? i think you also lied me. DH: How do you know it? You know about his background? DM: You love people because of these things? DH: Don't care about me. Do you like him? DM: Yes..i like him. i cannot put you beside him because you are not trustful anyone! JL and KK overhear this...and after their conversation, KK runs away... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finish . ...KK got hurted...how could you imagine that my loved one said to me that he or she loves another one..... but i think this is DM's plan to let him go spain.. just my hope.

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