Kim Woo Bin Wants To Be a Fixed Member on Running Man

Actor Kim Woo Bin revealed his wish to appear in variety programs The “School 2013” actor was interviewed on February 13th, and he talked about how much he loves variety shows. He said, “I love variety shows. My favorites are 'Infinite Challenge', 'Running Man' and 'Hello'. I watch them all the time.” He added,” My favorite is 'Hello'. I know MC Shin Dong Yeob hyung, because we acted in a sitcom together. I love the format of the program. People's stories keep me interested. I never miss it.” He then was asked if there is one show he would like to guest on. He responded, “I want to appear in all of them. I would love to be a fixed member in 'Running Man'. My personality will match well with the program. I am outgoing and I promised that if I cast, I will do my best.” Kim Woo Bin received much love for his characters in “School 2013,” and "A Gentleman's Dignity". In "School 2013" he played the role of Park Heung Soo, a troubled student, who frighted with his best friend (Lee Jong Suk) in the past. In the drama, they will try hard to reconcile. In "A Gentleman's Dignity" he also played the role of a troubled student who didn't like to study but followed his teacher's orders well.

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