"Iris 2" Wins In The Ratings Battle With Its 1st Episode!

The highly anticipated drama ‘Iris 2‘ ranked first for its timeslot. According to AGB Nielsen, the KBS2TV drama received an overnight rating of 14.4 for its first episode, which was good enough to beat out competitors, MBC‘ ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ and SBS‘ ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘. ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ aired two episodes back to back for its debut with the first episode having a rating of 11.3 and the second episode at 12.8. The biggest surprise was ’7th Grade Civil Servant’, who enjoyed high ratings in the past weeks. It lost to ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘ when the traditional drama aired its final episode last week, but still managed to rate at 14.3. However, with the airing of the new highly anticipated dramas, it dropped down to 12.7. Another interesting point is that all 3 dramas features idol actors and actresses. ‘Iris 2′ stars Lee Joon and Doojoon, ’7th Grade Civil Servant’ stars Chansung, and ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ stars Eunji. Of the 3, which drama do you like the best?

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