Sometimes, You Just Gotta Take a Break

Sometimes, being healthy means just taking the time to stop and relax. You know, the kind of relaxing that takes minimal human effort to do anything. I am trying to learn how to just calm down and do nothing.

But sometimes I think that doing nothing is wasting good time. However, when I am I hit with a headache, a cold, sleep deprivation, and just pure exhaustion, I remember how important it is to just chill the fuck out.

I have one goal for Sunday: RELAX. Goodness knows I need it! I am constantly on the go, and even when I am not doing my weekday routine, I feel like I need have a social life. But man do I prefer to just watch Netflix (ALONE) and drink tea...and that's what I am going to do for Sunday.

I am not going to meet up with friends. I am not going to go grocery shopping. I am not going to chat on the phone. The only thing I will be doing is taking an emotional and physical BREAK! And I won't feel guilty for it. Nor will I make excuses for it.

I am sooo ready for my Sunday Netflix binge! ^_^

I like cheeseburgers and cheap wine.
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