Jungkook- Lost Stars (cover)

Wow this was truely beautiful! I love how he was able to sing a whole song in English although he is not fluent in English, and he was able to sing this so well! I am so proud of him!!! Awesome job Jungkook, keep shinning like the Golden Maknae you are :)

I am unique in many ways which differenciates me from others :3 Hi my name is Karah, I am funny, weird, caring, nice, and just plain abnorma. I am also a proud Christian ^-^ I love to dance, eat food, sleep, listen to good music, and hang with friends. I listen to diffent types of music like Gospel, Kpop, Apop, etc. I won't usually be the one to hurt someone, but more likely get hurt by others. I can be too caring sometimes, but if you get to knoew me you will understand the real me. Well thanks for taking the time to red/ view my profile, saranghae!! :)
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