Big Bang Challenge Day 4

So what is my favorite GD hair style?

Is that a real question?

Should I only pik one?.........No that's why I have a whole bunch of them in this post

From the rainbow looks GD has pulled off to the seaweed look I believe he slightly regrets.


So the first hairstyle I chose is........... *drumroll* ..........

Two-Tone Rainbow (Cotton Candy Bubblegum) GD

Can we talk about how fierce and awesome he is in that gold outfit though

And then there was some more two-toned looks......

Then there was that time oppa went blonde and had this whole gypsy traveler look going for him at the same time.......It worked very well

Then there was the platinum blonde hairstyle that I loved so much.......

And after platinum blonde you go straight into the Crayon light blonde.


(Of course I had to include Crayon because)

And of course I have to include an honorable mention of GD oppa seaweed hair.............


All in all I pretty much love a bunch of GD oppa hairstyles and I can't readily just pick out one.


These last pics are how I feel just picking out a select few GD hairstyles.

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