G-Dragon on Haters

When your hear a rumor about you that isn't even true.

*ooh really hold on let me just laugh*

When you know exactly who said it so you just walk by them with all your greatness

*ooh dont mind me just being my amazing self today*

You see them around whispering into someone's ear when they see you and your just like ...

*still really* * you must really be obsessed with me*

But remember be the bigger person

*shhh girl your words don't affect me*

I mean there are plenty of other things you need to do

*I need to buy kpop merchandise and do hw ....* *I have bigger things to worry about like which bias will I end up with*

wipe off all that petty shit away

*I don't even have time for you* * like just stop*

In the end just do you

*I obviously have enough of a life to have others worry about me (sarcastically)* *I am so important to you thank you*

Just another fangirl in the crowd.
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