Badass Women of Anime: Faye Valentine


Hey Vingle Otakus and Brotakus! Here's another installation of the Badass Ladies of Anime Collection!

Today I was feeling a little more spacial, and what better way to reflect that one of the most badass women to sail the starry skies? You know her. You love her. It's....

Faye Valentine


Faye makes the list because she doesn't play games with her enemies. She's not quite ruthless, but pretty damn close.


Faye is a badass, smokin' and gun-totin' anti-heroine of the skies.


She keeps Spike in check, and calls him on his BS when it needs to be done. But don't assume that she's just some kind of sidekick. She's her own woman, a fresh face in this futuristic world.


Not to mention a badass pilot. She took really quickly and effectively to piloting a spaceship, for someone not from that time period.

Well Brotakus and Otakus, what do you think about Faye? Badass or even Badder-ass?? And as always, let me know if you have anyone in mind for a card!

(Or by all means make one yourself and I'll add it to the collection!)

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