What I Learned About Love From Disney Princesses

I was talking with@ChriSingularis about my favorite Disney princesses (that's right ladies, the boy likes princesses!) and it made me reflect on why I love the ones I do.

Sure, it's got something to do with which VHS tapes my family owned when I was a kid (lol, VHS tapes), but I definitely do think as a little girl I connected with some princess stories more than others. And in some way, I think those stories made me the person I am today. Or rather, I would have been someone different had I never heard them.

So I wanted to share a little of what my favorite three princesses, Cinderella, Ariel, and Snow White, taught me about life and love. As the biggest romantic on Vingle, you can be sure it'll be warm and fuzzy. ;)

Have Faith in Your Dreams

Cinderella is my number one favorite princess. She's the one I always wanted to be. Some might have concerns about this, like the fact that she didn't do much, other than marry a prince, but I've always disagreed with those critiques (read why here).

Cinderella was one of my personal heroes because she refused to give up belief in a better tomorrow. She had dreams, and she believed they would come true even in the darkest of times. That girl always, ALWAYS had a smile on her face – even though stepbitches be crazy. And she worked her ASS off in the situation she was in, until finally, one day, it paid off. And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you become a princess.

Love Knows No Boundaries

Okay, for some reason, people have problems with Ariel too. The fact that she won over Prince Eric without even speaking to him? I don't mind, because I think personality can come through even without words. And it's an animated movie, for Pete's sake. Suspension of disbelief!

But as far as what I learned from her, besides being another big dreamer (and believe we should all dream big), Ariel didn't let anyone tell her who she was, or how she should feel. She knew that her heart was her best compass, and she followed it into a beautiful future. I think that too often, we let society or other people dictate our desires, rather than seeking them deep within ourselves. Remember, nobody else can live your life for you – follow your heart, listen to your dreams, and build yourself the kind of future that will make YOU happy.

Open Your Heart

Snow White's got this awesome naiveté, where she blindly trusts a bunch of weird dwarves in the middle of a forest. Okay, so maybe we shouldn't model our Stranger Danger policies after her, but I do really like one thing about her: she's got a giant heart, and it is open to everyone around her. Even squirrels. The reason the hunter can't kill her is because she's so goddamn sweet. And she's pretty much entirely selfless, cleaning and cooking to make her new dwarf-buddies happy just because she can.

I'd like to be selflessly giving and open-hearted in my own life, too. It's hard when life keeps tearing you down, or when people hurt you, but I think in the long run, it pays to be vulnerable. The relationships we build are some of life's most precious treasures.

Have you learned any life lessons from Disney characters?

If you know anybody who would enjoy this little card, please share it with them :) I dream that my writing will touch peoples' lives all over the world, so if you ever want to share my pieces on Facebook or Twitter or whatever, please go right ahead :)

Think positive, love food, be happy :)
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