Idol Cosplays Perfect for Halloween!!

I'll happily admit that I'm obsessed with idol animes! I don't care if some people think they're no-plot nonsense, I really love the energy that the girls usually bring, and personally find them really inspiring!

I love dressing up for Halloween, and I realized...

anime idols have perfect Halloween outfits!

1. LOVE LIVE!!!!

We all know I'm Love Live trash but seriously they have outfits that are great for Halloween, because even if people don't know the anime, they can tell that you're dressed up for Halloween!

I mean, the girls are dressed up for Halloween, and you'd be dressing as the girls dressed for Halloween, so it's perfect!

@FabledDead LOOK AT YOUR GIRLS. They're so cute ;_;


Idolm@ster has a TON of outfits just like Love Live (because of the game and all) so you can pick pretty much anything, but these ones would work really well for a Halloween party where you want to be cute and seasonal!

3. AKB0048

Just look at all this cuteness! How could you go wrong with all this cuteness? I don't really think you can :)

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