Why Do Stereotypes Hurt So Much?

It's not just rude... it's bad for our communities.

And while there's nothing wrong with defending the things you love from people who only wish harm on your community, the practices currently in place end up deterring new fans, which keeps the fandom from growing

Instead of coming together to get excited about what we all love, fan events have become gated communities more concerned with outing the 'fakes' than with the media that brought us together in the first place.

And the 'fakes' being targeted are predominantly- though not exclusively- women. What gives?

The above is, of course, satire.

Geek is no longer an insult, it's an identity that people are proud of.

So why is there a culture built around punishing new fans?


I've seen lots of reasons tossed around.

But I'm not really sure what the answer is. I've been told that 'fake geek girls' are only interested in sex, that they're only calling themselves geeks because it's trendy, that they're invading male-only spaces to cause trouble and not because they actually care about the medium.

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But isn't that what convention codes of conduct are for?Protecting fans- all fans- from misbehavior?

When it comes to bullying or toxic behavior, it sounds like being exclusionary based on the way someone looks is generally agreed upon as unfair and cruel.

So why is this an accepted practice when a new fan is present? Or when a person is expressing their fannishness in a way that's different?

The truth is, we all miss out as a result.

What is so threatening about new fans that makes us so possessive?

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