5 Reasons Why Vin Diesel is Awesome


the Fast and Furious franchise will be getting another trilogyhis Mother said he should direct the next movie


He's Loyal

If the Fast and Furious movies taught us anything above Vin Diesel, it's that he'll stick by you forever (if he considers you family, that is). I can't remember the last time anyone's openly told me they wouldn't turn their back on me to my face other than the pet hamster I had when I was 18.

He's Tough as Nails

He's a giant dude. So naturally, he's gotta be a tough guy. And if the screencap above (from The Chronicles of Riddick) tells us anything; it's that Vin Diesel can kill you with a teacup. Which is nice because we know he cares about his body -- since he's a tea drinker -- but he'll also destroy someone else's if they mess with you. That's a nice thing to know about him.


He Likes Cars or Something? I Don't Really Understand This One

This one is kind of weird for me to write about because I don't really understand sexual innuendo or sex at all. But I guess he likes cars or something. Or he's telling that mop in the right side of the gif that he's really fond of its mop parts. I don't know. I shouldn't have included this in the list. Maybe it means he's willing to buy any car and I'm pretty sure he likes all cars? I don't even know where I'm going with this metaphor, I am so sorry.


He is Groot

He's Groot! And I don't know one person who watched Guardians of the Galaxy and didn't love Groot. It's like, here's this lovable tree being that doesn't really know how to speak properly and is saves everyone at the end. There's something about Vin Diesel and the way that he voices animated characters that really gets to me (and everyone else). And speaking of animated characters...


He is the Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is one of my favorite animated movies of all time (I'm probably going to write a full card about this eventually) and when I learned that Vin Diesel voiced this beautiful robot who befriended a small boy, I got so pumped. I think it's funny that it's the "cool thing" to make fun of Vin Diesel and a bunch of other Action Movie stars while we enjoy their other work as if it wasn't them.

Vin Diesel is awesome because he's just living his fucking life and I think we could learn a lot from him.

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