[Level7 Civil Servant] LIVE RECAP EP9

It airs at 10 pm on Wednesday & Thursday, 20th of February. Keep following me ^.^ Let's see what happens to Seowon and Gillo couple hehehe. *Vietnamese Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/111240 *Indonasian Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/112020 DH persuades SW that do not be deceived from GL. DH: We don't know GL is whose side. From now on, do not that with him. SW: What? DH: Lile this. (and he hugs her) DH wants to justify their relationship between SW and himself. DH: i'm not gonna one side love.. GL comes out in front of them. He just stay them in there. GL: i will drop by your house because i forgot the key. After DH's leaving, GL and SW get together. SW: Do you want to hear my excuse? GL: i don't care because i believe you. i'm so cool. .....but 32 seconds for hugging is too long. SW: You said you're cool.. GL: i know..hugging is okay for your friends..just for 10 seconds? is okay no no3 seconds...oh it's too long.. No way do not hug anyone! SW: Thank you..if you are too cool about it..i will feel sad maybe.. When SW and GL are talking, SW's mother comes to meet them. SW's mother : Would you want to drink one more time? GL: Sure ! Dancing Dancing ~ wow so cute All the members are drunken. In the office, GL hands out the orange drink secretly. After coming back his room, there is another orange drink on his desk. Look at each other and wink ^.^ GL has a meeting with the director of civil servant (WS). WS didn't give him any information about JJ. GL wants to investigate JJ farring from watching his father. GL: My father doesn't want to be with me even now he wants to send me in foreign country. GL's father got a mission from ML. GL: After this deal, i wanna finish our relationship. ML: Finish time is in our mind. ML and JJ meet in the health club. ML: Now the civil servant start to find out me. JJ: Be careful. i know. ML: But i don't care..i have to guard you, the bank account is only way to find you. so i will handle it. In the office ^.^ GL and SW have a plan to visit GL's mother. GL: Just hurry up. Don't have time to make-up SW: You don't know it? i haven't been make up. SW reports this situation to superior office with doing make up. In his home, GL's mother is waiting for them. GL wonders about SW's background and the job of their parents. They deceived that her father's job was diplomat. SW: Yes my father was a diplomat..why don't you visit Chile? Wine in the Casablanca is really nice. ( Actually this lie is started by GL) She put the cleaner that is located CCTV in his home. DH is watching this through the monitor in the headquarter. The director YS : There are only 7 days left to finish your work. The earlier is the better..because you're also precious for me as much as this operation. DH feels not good in his car... DH asks WS that change my place because i can't stand anymore...i can't do the rational decision because of SW. WS: Do you like SW? DH: ........ I don't like the way of launching of operation. SM overhears this. In SW's house. Her parents asks a favor that gets me a contract from the government. SW complains about them SW;Go back to countryside. Just hurry up to go back. SW's mother : Okay..i'm sorry.. i did this because i'm fool... SW feels sorry. SW: This is my fault sorry mother..don't go back.. In GL's house. GL has a complaint that why are you doing this having come with the purpose of date. SW and GL's mother is doing skin clinic.^.^ SW watches the picture but it is burned. GL's mother tells that a fire broke out when he was young. At that time, GL's father is entering the house. GL's father gets angry that GL interferes in him. He fight against his father in front of his girlfriend. GL: Father...there is my girlfriend...huh GL's father: Just go away to foreign country ! SW and SW's mother are friendly in contrast of GL's family. On the other hand, GL prepares to leave his house. Someone ( DK) who is a suspect of this operation is in the office. They check there is USB in his wallet. SW : Maybe your mother was upset yesterday...i will solve her mind at tonight. Don't worry. GL: You don't have to do that..because i left my home..i will never go back. only today, tomorrow please borrow your house. In the coffee shop. GL : i can't do it anymore...i cannot stand beside my father anymore..it is most difficult thing for me. WS: All the members take turns..wow.. WS gets a call from the school His daughter makes trouble.. WS: i'm sorry..she is my daughter...it is all my fault.. please forgive this time...(he kneels down in front of the opponent's father. After watching this, he feels complicated. GL got a message from SW -Like father watching his son, there is only parents who loves you- GL stands in front of SW's house. GL: Thank you..i came here to say this. DH drinks with SM. SM: You like SW as much as abandoning me who keeps for a long time with this operation. DH: i don't like SW..I hate her bacause she bothers our team due to her emotion..i don't like that. SM: i know this is a lie..but i want to trust you. In SW's house, GL: Do you know where is the third best that couples do a first kiss ? it is in the car. but i think the place is not important. SW feels embarassed. At that time SW suddenly reminds her mother's saying that do not allow your bed to anyone ! especially man. so she persuade him to go back his house...but he do a kiss .. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is kiss scene in this ep. wow wow ....anyway finish ^.^

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