[Level7 Civil Servant] LIVE RECAP EP10

It airs at 10 pm on Wednesday & Thursday, 21th of February. Keep following me ^.^ Let's see what happens to Seowon and Gillo couple hehehe. *Vietnamese live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/111865 GL: Do you know where is the third best place that couples do first kiss? SW: I don't know and they kiss... When SW and GL kiss on the bed, her brother watches this. SW: What? ...we're friends Why are you get a break so many times? SW's brother: If you hit me even once, i will call my mother. Her brother tries to threaten with this so GL gives pocket money and card to him. When GL tries to continue their acting, the messages arrives at SW's phone. -32billion won is accounted- SW gets angry so she quits her working, GL: Wow timing is good !!!!! SW brings him back to her house. She gives a lesson to him but he doesn't care. but after this... she takes off his socks and cover the bedclothes. On GL's house. GL's father persuades him to go abroad because if he stays here, he can be in danger. GL: i understand,, but father i will stay here..i will protect you from dangers.. but GL's father denied it, he places him on the waiting list. They both want to solve this problem... but itdoesn't work. GL's father : Your girl friend's physiognomy is good... GL: Doesn't mind this... i will leave here. SW's parents neighborhood. Their neighbors complain about their acting. SW's father ensures that government supports our neighborhood. But they have to invest their ground with the purpose of this policy. Despite the worries, they allow this term due to SW's place. In the office, the officers are talking about GL's waiting list. They criticizes GL's management ability so SW humbles their pride. SW gets a promise from ML that she will be as her mentor. SW also think about her operation and ML also thinks that she maybe useful in her operation. After hearing that GL is waiting to be assigned, every officers is unwilling to get together but only SW is beside him. GL asks the message from SW. GL: Why do you send this? SW: You love your father. GL: No! SW: You want to get love from your father. GL: .... SW wants him to be close with your father so GL decides to give a present to his father. Present a watch ^.^ DH want to move his place but the director denies it. DH hands in his notice. The director: huh huh you're useful i think. i will use this resignation if i want. so where do you want to move? DH: Anywhere escept here. ML and JJ prepares their operation. After a week, the deal will be started. The director ( GJ) places DH to other operation. SM feels betrayed ...and disappointed. GJ comes to visit the president of the company. GJ interroges him that he sells the company's secret to foreign countries and DH catches the crimer who is employee of this company. GJ: Your employess are already catched The president ; Please forgive me this time. what should i do? With their deal actually this is dark business, DH releases him after the calling from GJ. SM reminds the experience with him. With watching his pictures, she hesitates to delete his number but she can't. GL: When do we cross our arms? SW: There is my brother in my home. go away ^.^ When he hugs her, SW's brother suddenly comes out. SW's brother: Hyuuuuungggggg!!!! His father checks the watch that get a present from his son. Actually this watch is picked by SW. SW: This watch is proper because i think it is warm... not cold. His father continues to watch it. ML and JJ. JJ: i will catch the civil servant alive. ML: and then what? JJ: I will get a apology from them and then i will kill. ( He tears the paper related this contract) On his home, GL's father : Do not waste of money like that. GL's mother: You waste of money? where? GL feels embarassed...maybe this is for his watch, SW's parents discuss the policy actually first, SW's father ignores her because of the background,.. With the power of the top's women society, she threatens him..hehehehe funny parents. GL and SW are talking about their travel. SW: i want to travel with you..but not now..if you say .neverthless we go travel, i will go with you. GL: Okay..then neverthless why don't we go travel? SW: Not now ! Anyway she success that she puts him outside. Not let's start to search for his house. especially the lock. When she is investigating his house, GL gets some pocket?( I don't know what it is but it can be a frame or a wallet) When he arrives home, he drops by the store to buy bean-curd dregs that SW wants to eat. She is still trying to open the lock and than success. OMG he finds out this scene... SW and GL both are shocked.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish ^.^

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