bts challenge 4

my bias and why? geeez I truly wish I can say all of them cause it's true but out of all of them suga min yoongi.


why is he my bias? well because of how hard he works, he stays up late trying to make music for the group and trying to come up with lyrics. and yeah he is seemed to be idaf attitude but it's not true he cares about all his members and fans. if he didn't care I'm sure he wouldn't be in the group still. that's why I wish he wouldn't push himself to much and take a day off from the group schedule and his own schedule. and I mean also he is a good role model (and the rest of the members). when it comes to following your dreams because they can come true. but I will say I do want to hear him do some more freestyle rap one day haha.


love ya suga!!

hello^^ my name is kristine I am thai American~♡♡ I'm a forever army. but that doesn't mean I don't like other groups cause I do~~
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