C Clown Disbandment (But not the end)

Ok I just heard the terrible news of CClown Disbandement and its heartbreaking to me , I truly love their music soo much, I was sooo heartbroken and I really didn't know what to do so I decided to make this card to share all their AWESOME and my favorite MVs and show them how much we all love their music who knows they will actually comeback. I actually heard some one say the reason they disbanded was because the company doesn't have enough money to sponsor them anymore. so There is still hope lets hope these boys can make a comeback with a different company. I really miss thr music and I really think this was heartbreaking and too sudden and making this card is the best I can do so I will.

Lets Start !!

hope u all like watching and listening to all those music video and songs again.


C clown Debut track

Even C clown debut track was sooo damn awesome

woowwww these boys really did come with a bang on their debut , I actually never saw this MV for me their first mv was Far away young love.

But seeing this track its a really good First Debut song.

C CLOWN (Far away Young Love)

This is the first and my favorite CCLOWN song

this MV is such a great story and the song is so addictive and the dance version is sooo perfect .

I completely love this one soo much

C CLOWN Shaking Heart

I love how this song gives a different vibe then their other tracks

I absolutely love this one .


I remember my first reaction when I first watch this video

I thght this was quite cool nd incredible

C Clown (Lets Love)

I was so hyped and excited for this and I definitely loved their comeback

this was sooo damn awesome

CCLOWN Lets Love

English Version

Finally I would like to end this card with this video

this video is sooo cute

I am hoping for good terms in future with these boys

we might have heard the disbandment news but this is not the end for them

I know they will all comeback with a blast they are definitely talented and incredible

its a new beginning for them all

it breaks my heart but if they decide to go different ways I will still support them all I just pray they all make a comeback soon and may they all succeed and may all their dreams come true fighting CCLOWN

I am not sure if I am really a crown or not but making this card for them , I think I am lol

Sorry for my quick emotional reaction

I am sorry I am a bit sensitive to these matters

any ways hope you guys like this card

and still support them

somehow I think this is the time they need our support the most.

all credit to its actual owner.

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