'Spectre' First 007 Song To Hit #1 on U.K. Charts

I'm Bond, James Bond.

Sam Smith has broken yet again another record thanks to his highly successful new single "Writing's on the Wall" created for the highly anticipated 007 movie, 'Spectre'. This is currently Smith's 5th single to hit number one on U.K. charts but it's the FIRST time a James Bond song has hit number one in the U.K.

Both Adele who won an Oscar for her 2012 Bond themed song, "Skyfall" and Duran Duran's 1985 "A View to Kill" never made it past the No. 2 spot on U.K. charts. Combined with downloads and streaming, "Writing's on the Wall" has garnered over 70,000 copies sold which is actually 13,000 more than Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean".

For now, people are very torn over the song saying that it's either glorious or undeniably bland. However the song still remains highly successful so Sam Smith can laugh his way to the bank if you like it or not. The possibility of Smith receiving an Oscar is high especially since this has done astounding on the charts thus far.

What do you think of Smith's new song?

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