So is anyone just as excited for the second season of Flash as I am? I've been waiting all summer long for this premier, and now the day has come. Here's a little recap of season one. Barry's mother passes away from, what they thought was a lightning strike, his father was framed and sent to prison. Years later a particle accelerator malfunction, causing a severe thunderstorm and Barry was struck, when he woke up from his coma, he was "THE FLASH". He was named a "meta human" by Dr. Wells. He helped guide Barry and trained him to become faster and stronger. When the show left off, a lot of information was said and shown. Dr. Wells, isn't what he says he is..... Barry confesses his love to Iris... And Iris' husband killed himself to save others. All I know is I'm ready for this season to begin and what's going to happen between Barry and iris. With also a new cast member making his appearance as Wally West.

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