[Stupid Fan War] iKon vs TVXQ

iKon recently announced their official fan color and it is...red.

Simply enough, right?



the biggest fan club in the entire world

Red Ocean

So, that group of fans is preeeetty unhappy with iKon right now.


Does it REALLY matter though?

There are only so many colors on Earth, lol.

SHINeeblueSNSDpinkIs it worth starting a fan war?


There will always be a YG vs SM rivalry...

but in my opinion this is making Cassiopeia look silly. They're such an awesome powerful huge fan club that has existed more than 12 years now, and they're going to be angry about a new boy band taking their color?

Red will always be directly linked to Cassiopeia in the Kpop world and even though I love iKon I doubt that they will change that.

What do you guys think? Stupid fan war or did YG cross the line?

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