30 day challenge BTS

I'm behind a lot I wasn't tag and I just decided to do it and show my love for BTS😍❤️

DAY 1 I love BTS because they are so talented and they don't act fake. And thanks to them and well basically Kpop in general I got to make a lot of friends and meet great people ❤️ And of course I LOVE THEM because I just do I can't explain my feels 😩😍❤️

DAY 2 My favorite BTS song is Coffee because it's a amazing and it involves coffee and well BTS and I just can't chose between coffee or converse high😫 the struggle is real

DAY 3 My favorite music video would be danger I love it 😬☺️

DAY 4 Suga is my bias because he and me could be best friends we have so much in commend I love his smile and how he give that idgaf type of attitude lol argh I just love him 😍😘❤️

DAY 5 today I guess My favorite BTS meme I just can't with this ones 😂👌

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