Amber FanFic (Continued)

The song 'Don't Know what to say' (cover by Amber) would go best with this chapter

I woke up and I instantly felt like crying but I held the tears back. Not now. I'm not crying right now. I sat up I looked up at the clock and saw that we only had 5 more minutes till class ended. I pulled down my sleeves since it was getting hot, but instantly regretted it, when I saw my wrist. I pulled my sleeve up again and looked around to make sure no one saw. Once I made sure that no one saw, I put my notebook inside my backpack and onto my back and started walking towards the door, waiting for the bell to ring. I took out my phone and realized that there were only three weeks left for the contest. Time to face Amber. I looked around the class and found her laughing still with that other girl I took a deep breathe and just as I was about to walk towards her the bell rang. Geez. Nice timing stupid bell. I turned around and walked out the door. I didn't have an appetite for lunch so I decided to walk to my favorite oak tree at the back of the school and maybe take pictures. I take my camera with me basically everywhere I go and if it's not around my neck then it's in my bag. Today was perfect for taking pictures, the weather was windy and it's the middle of Autumn so the leaves were already changed of color and the sun was out but the clouds covered the sun making it picture perfect. I walked towards the tree and laid my stuff down and took out my camera from my bag. As I waited for it to load, I took out my laptop and decided to put music on shuffle. Amber Kuo's 'I Remember' came on. I smiled as I kept taking pictures I decided to look at all the pictures that I've taken on my laptop. I connected my camera and sent all of my pictures from it to my laptop. As they were sending I decided to look for a song that would make me feel better.. after a few seconds I settled on 'Pretend it's okay' by little mix. The pictures sent and I was laughing at some of them that consisted of me and Melanie making funny faces at the park. I scrolled downward and I instantly froze. There was a picture of me and Amber... kissing. I must've accidentally taken it or something. I scrolled some more and saw more pictures that I have taken of her on that day. (Start the music!) Without realizing it, tears started coming out and this time, I didn't hold them back. I let them pour out with all my feelings coming out. Suddenly someone's arms were around my waist. "Shh it's okay. You'll be okay. Let it all out, don't keep it in." The person said. I looked up and even though I couldn't see very well due to the blurryness I caught a glimpse of blonde hair.. Amber.. I clinged to her as the tears kept coming, I don't care how stupid or pathetic I looked I just know that I need to be held at the moment and since it's her, it's enough to make my heart skip a beat. As I was calming down, she kissed y forehead, but as soon as her lips touched my forehead she pushed away. I wanted to whine but held it in, because even though it was for only a few milliseconds, it made my heart beat faster for some reason. I finally calmed down and was now able to see Amber's face clearly. She looked at me and smiled. A smile that was enough to make me forget why I was crying. "I'm sorry, Ash. I know what I did was wrong, I shouldn't have kissed you. Please stop ignoring me. It won't happen again. Okay?" I thought I heard my heart break again. I gave her a fake smile, "I don't think it bothers me anymore. I was going to talk to you but I saw you with your friend so I didn't want to intrude." "Oh Krystal? Hehe she's funny. Well I'm glad we made up!" She smiled. "Yeah, me too." I fake smiled taking in what she said about This.. Krystal.. Even though I was smiling my heart was silently breaking. And I just don't know what to say to make it all right again.

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