First Look at Disney's Newest Princess: Moana

Disney finally released a first look/photo of the titular character (and newest Disney princess) in their upcoming film Moana. And I could not be any more excited about this news. I honestly don't know too much about Moana other than it's expected to come out on Thanksgiving of 2016.

But Disney also released a short video that explained their casting process (below). Auli’i Cravalho, who is from Oahu, Hawaii, got the part and the video feels like a nice, cute story about how she got the role. It's honestly one of the more uplifting things I've seen in a while.

Okay, to be really honest, the main reason I'm so excited about this news and this movie is that Moana is another addition to the Disney Princesses who is also a Woman of Color. It's an obvious issue when it comes to representation of different races in Disney movies (as in, there barely is any) and with the way the production of this film is moving, it looks like we might finally get something worth talking about.

And I think it's really awesome that they aren't casting White actors to voice characters who are People of Color, that's another problematic thing about certain animated movies. And with all that in mind, I'm 100% Full Success excited for this film to hit the theaters.

Moana will be in theaters in 2016 on Thanksgiving.

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