You know you've read too much Yaoi when...

Soooooooo, I was going through my favorite free manga site (cause it has a specific Yaoi tab!) and I realized as I looked through the manga available that I knew either A) every fifth or so manga on each page [or more, and B)if I didn't know the manga I knew another work by the same author. And as I...gazed upon all 43 pages worth of Yaoi I realized this fact. I now even own one Yaoi manga series!

So all you Yaoi fans, share the moment you realized you were so far into Yaoi that you could never escape! 👍❤️😂😍😜

Or (could also be AND) your favorite Yaoi couple or series, both anime, manga, movie, TV show, book, or video game!!

I love KPOP. It has taken over my life. That is all you need to know. Lol.
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