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(ranting) sorry so I just got off of work and I was talking to my sister and she was yelling at me about the dishes and that it shouldn't just be her job to wash them blah blah blah. and then she said what are you going to do when I move out. I replied yay I wont have to watch ari anymore (my niece) she laughs uh huh yea sure she replied sarcastically. I literally had tears in my eyes because of her reply. I posted a post some time ago about this. the whole watching my nieces for over 10 years. and her reply to that comment really hurt me. all i want to do is save up and go on a trip to Korea maybe even meet a nice man and settle down. but i cant do that until my sister gets her act together and takes care of her children herself.

sooo im going to listen to bts and vixx for the rest of the night. if anyone want to recommend some new kpop songs or even old ones id appreciate it. my mood is

I love to watch k-dramas and listen to k-pop. BTS, Bigbang, Vixx, Monsta x,Uniq, and history are a few of my favorite groups.
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