What Is The Anime Your Currently Watching?

Hi. Hi. How are my lovely followers doing, huh? I'm doing good thanks for asking!! So as you can see by the title I'm wondering what Anime you all are currently watching this is mine:

Psycho Pass: Great Anime highly recommend to people that like a bit of gore, and criminal investigations. This Anime follows a girl, Akane Tsunemori, straight out of college and into the police force. Her superior, Nobushika Ginoza, he basically states that she not treat the fellow criminals as mere friends but toys. Akane then meets two criminals that she teams up with to catch a criminal. Akane meets 4 criminals that help with the justice system, Shinya Kogami; Shuusei Kagari; Yayoi Kunizuka; and Tomomi Masaoka, they have what they call Psycho pass. It's basically your sanity level. If your color strays from clear then you need to be calmed other wise you'd turn into a criminal. This is basically how the system works. Killing people whose Psycho Pass is about 100 or a color other than clear. So their basically hunting down this guy whose Psycho Pass has sky rocketed. His color is far from clear and he has taken a hostage. Kogami is far ahead from the group and kills the guy. But the hostage he has taken, her Psycho Pass is now above 100. He goes to shoot her into elimination mode but Akane tells him to stop. Almost pulling the trigger Akane shoots Kogami to stop him from eliminating the girl. The girl gets help in which he Pyscho Pass goes down. All is forgiven.

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