Calling all VIPs! Favorite BigBang song challenge!

Hello my Vingle Community! How have you guys been? This is Sara!-like crystal clear-BigBang is everything. Our oppas, have oppas, and those oppas are them.Cause I mean TOP isn't just anyone, right?-hopefully they are just rumors ....-


You make a challenge or card about your favorite BigBang songs , only 5 though -Yes, I know its hard, even I had some trouble with which ones to choose- and say why you like /enjoy that song.

So.... . . . . . . . . . . . . HERES MINE!

1. Sober

Its SOBER. 'Nuff said.-no. Legit. Always-

2. Fantastic Baby

Cause we can't forget the tune and that dreamy, "Wow, Fantastic Baby!" when we are taking tests.the tune and Tops BOOM SHAKALAS can make the song UNIQUE AS HECK!

3. Let's not fall in love.

like my bias starts going out with someone or something emotional--notice how I'm not saying girlfriend, I can't. I'm his girlfriend. Only me.-

4. Haru Haru

it was truly one beautiful thing that BigBang made up to show that you gotta value some things in life. Cause most of the time, they are not gonna last.

5. Crayon-In fact, the leader!--aren't all BigBangs?--oh oh, I showed the video to a friend, she motha flippin Flipped when she saw that part, she kept thinking he was cute, then BAM! He comes out and I swear she got sooooo mad, it has been 2 hours and she still doesn't talk to me( I'll make a card later to give the detail, if you guys want, cause it was hilarious)--WHY SO SERIOUS!?!?!?-- *softly in the background* EHHHEHHHEEHHHH, AHHHAHHHAHH! lol not so softly- .


VIPs, you are all welcome to do this challenge -dont forget to tag me! I want to see everyone's opinions on these songs- . Let's show our love and support for the band that had been most inspirational to our Oppas, BigBang!

I love you all! My inbox is always open in case anyone needs anything! Have a great Day/Night KPoppers!

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