My greatest Obsessions


1&2. GD because he's f*cking KING of kpop he's a damn god 3&4 . Jonghyun because he's the prince of K-pop ( in my opinion ) 5&6. Lee Joon he's like everything no explanation needed 7&8. Johnny Depp he's just a legend he's such a amazing actor 9. Tom Felton god knows why he's my obsession but I liked him in HP as Draco and I like that in almost every movie where he had a rol he was made to be seen as a bad guy and when you see him in a interview he's really lay back and a mellow funny guy and pretty good at singing 10. Ed Westwick a.k.a Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl he is so badass when you look at him he just radiates BOSS from every pore of his body ( omg dirty thought )

Hey everyone !!! I'm chella I'm from the Caribbean ( Aruba ) . I was born on 21-12-1996 I like music ( music is my life ) I like kpop Jonghyun is my bias from Shinee and my ultimate bias of al time is g dragon ( he's the reason why I started listening to kpop ) and I live in the Netherlands And if you have kpopamino don't be shy and follow me ( if you want ) for the people who don't know what kpopamino is I explained it in a card so if you're curious check that out
4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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