Lol: Yoon Shi Yoon Is Hard To Please!

The main actors of tvN's Monday and Tuesday drama "Flower Boy Next Door," Park Shin Hye and Yoo Shi Yoon took a picture that portrayed contrasting emotions. Park Shin Hye seemed to showing her cute charms, but on the other hand, Yoon Shi Yoon was making a face of disapproval. On February 17th, "Flower Boy Next Door" uploaded a still cut of the two actors on their official Twitter. Park Shin Hye held her two hands up to her face and made a flower pose. As Yoon Shi Yoon saw her do this, he seemed to be taken a back and made a face that showed slight disapproval. In the drama, the two seem to have a chemistry that really portrays what a true couple looks like. They have romantic dates and give each other chocolate for Valentine's Day. Netizens were pleased to see that they look so close to each other in the picture. Netizens responded, "wow they are so good together," "they're a really good looking couple," "Yoon Shi Yoon's facial expression is so cute," "I wish that it would be Monday already, so that I can see this couple."

I'm an American student currently living in Korea. I love pretty much everything Korean, and want to share that love with you!
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