Favorite Big Bang Song Challenge

I was tagged to do this challenge, which was created by@saraortiz2002. For those of you who don't know Big Bang was the group that first got me into kpop and they're also my bias group, so this challenge was actually incredibly hard for me since I love all of their songs.

1. Lies This was the first Big Bang song that I ever listened to way back when I was in fifth grade (2009) and thus began my first kpop phase. Since this is the song that introduced me to the group that changed me entire perspective on music and culture I have dubbed it my favorite Big Bang song.

2. Haru Haru Like many other vips my heart was broke in two when I first saw this music video. It was then broken again when I looked up the lyrics to the song.

3. Sunset Glow This song was originally by Lee Mun Sae but I'll include it on my list anyway. I don't think I've ever bothered looking up the lyrics to the song but the melody is upbeat and I love it. Remember when they performed it with mini big bang?

4. Make Love Big Bang + English? Yes please. I love listening to the English versions of their songs.

5. Loser I'd say that this song is actually tied with Make Love. I feel like I can connect with the lyrics of the song personally and it was the first single off of their made series comebacks so I automatically loved it.

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