I Am...


When I talk, I'm Yoongi.

When the music comes on, I'm Taemin.

When I choose to be quiet, I'm Kyungsoo.

I am the '93-line. Come at me. 0:3

I just wanted to make this card because, I keep seeing a lot of memes, and I realize the '93-line has a lot in common. Lol There are a lot of us in K-Pop. Well, K-Entertainment in general. Lol I think these three are the ones I act like the most. I would explain why, but I'm weird. You'd probably have to get to know me yourself. XD I also share my birth month with Jonghyun, Daesung, and everyone else who was born in April. Side Note: I was also born on the same day as Luhan, three years apart. x)

Who do you think you're most like in your line?

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