[Flower boy next door] LIVE RECAP EP15

Hi ~ ^.^ 'Flower boy next door' airs on every Monday & Tuesday. So if you want to enjoy the live recap with me, visit here at that time ~ I will be wait for you hehehe. 11pm on Febuary 25th, Don't forget !! *Vietnamese live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/113128 *Indonesian live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/113287 DM gets angry to DH who loves JL with the purpose. DM says i like JL who is different you. But KK overhears this and all this plot is made by DM who wants to help him leave here. DM intentionally did this. After coming out there, JL annouced that you have to decide the one whether you leave or stay here. JL: Could we..even it is a lie.,..fall in love? I know it is impossible...please leave with him or ...stay.,.. At that time, KK appears and brings her back. KK: Actually JL ...i heard the talk between you and DM yesterday...i already know DM's plan. -Yesterday- DM: Please help me leave her..i know his dream..i have to support him. JL: No...please believe him. KK always believes you and depends on you.. Do not hurt yourself. KK explains his mind that he can see only DM even he overheard all the things. KK: i know your feeling. JL: You can't..you can't understand even a little...so do not say that again. DM is alone in her house. After SY's message that she heard KK's news, DM checks picturess that being taken KK and SY. DM : I hope you stop here. you have the work that you have to do....i think this is compassion ..it cannot be love.. KK: You worked my book. you don't know yourself.. Stop pushing me away. DM: i cannot believe you who decided to leave here once. Do not make me miserable again...Now i start to love myself. KK: At that time...i thought i have to stop there... DM: i think this is proper time to leave... please KK: Are you serious? Okay...i understand what you said... KK checks the message from SY and he ensures that DM misundertood that KK commiserates her on her misfortune. KK and DM both feel heavy with worries... DM just gives up him for KK's dream. KK visits JL to prove JL didn't plagiarize with the story with KK. YDH feels jealous of kk because the director of webtoon is a big fan of KK. JL and KK. KK prepares to leave here. KK: If she says to me that do not leave me, then i would stay here...but you two guys why are you just keep secret and hide so many things? Why don't you just cry out to the world? You guys are really same !. JL: What do you know? (and JL hits KK) in front of his apartment. The security guard is taken into police. The owner of this apartment is actually him...Neighbors are surprised that he is the owner of this apartment. The door bell is ringing. In front of the house, there is KK who disguises like a detective. KK: i came here to investigate you who are specific of staying home. KK: What do you necessary if you stay home longer? KK: herb? or book? Teacher DM..please borrow this to me. DM: I'm sorry..at that time... it was my fault... KK: Hey teacher, what is this? DM: i felt sorry !! maybe i'm over-reacting. KK inquires further about her acting yesterday. KK guesses maybe this is because she checked SY's message. KK: You must be felt jealous about that. DM is little embarassed. This time, DM drops by KK's house. Through the camera, DM tries effort to open KK's door like feigning an ailment, returning back his item...things like that. But KK doesn't open the door. In his office, DM comes to meet him. KK: How could you come here? DM: i asked your place through the phone. I have something to tell you. KK : ( please...do not weak..my mind... no no) DM: You're weak...your mind is waving. KK: How could you know it? Anyway they drink in some cafe. DM confess that she, herself felt jealous.. DM: i accept that...actually i felt jealous of her.. KK: Then this is my turn to confess. People in the world is more special than charaters in animation. I will be the last one who do not believe you....We make a confession in order. Let's do Cheers ! At the same time, DM and KK: Why don't we go travel? In the bag store. The director is picking up the bag and she hands the present to YDH. He feels impressive. One of the crazy fan of KK prepares to scold DM, first she reveals her identification on the internet. Also she spreads a groundless rumer about DM like she has both ways between JL and KK. KK explains this situation .. KK: Now i decide yo bring you to the difficult place, why don't you come with me if you believe me? He arrives the fan meeting. She overlaps this situation with her highschool days. DM: If the korean teacher told the truth, them would my life be changed? If DH comes in my side..then what? If so, i would not meet fairy like you... KK: i will go back to Spain ( to his fans) DM is crying .. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finish ^.^ But how could he say this in front of her...ㅜㅜ maybe there is something after his saying! i'm sure !

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