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This was our old video . but if you are interest to join, please message Log Ryner, Log Misogi or Log Kasuga. We are Otaku Gamers, yes. Anime Gamers. We play Xbox One and we got sponsor by NoScope Gaming and Gamer Options. We are competitive, we are also an MLG clan. You can contact me on Kik "MikotoTRK" MEMBERS. Log Arima. Log Issei. Log Obtiouchiha. Log Minato. Log Kasuga. Log Misogi. Log Ryner. Log Killua. We on Xbox One and we are trying to recruit more members. The easy way to be contacted is too Kik me. We play every game, so don't worry. Side Note- 16+, we talk hella crap. So be prepare for roasting sessions. Adiós. My fellow Gamers/Otakus.✌ Kik-MikotoTRK.

Xbox GT : Log Arima Future GT:Log Walter. Hobbies: Poetry, Meditation, Video games. inbox me for an anime edit pic.😉 KIK:MikotoTRK
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