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Yet my exposure to the beauty sphere was pretty nonexistent. I had a small collection of basic products (mascara, tinted lip balm, blush and concealer) and anything else I would just filch from my mother/sister/roommates on rare occasions.

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Apparently she's a huge freaking deal - with over nine million Youtube subscribers - and understandably so. She's bubbly and approachable, making her videos a joy to watch, and frequently declares that she's no expert, just an enthusiast.

Also she has an adorable puppy that features heavily in her videos. That helps.

Estée Lalonde

Okay, so she's technically Canadian, but she's lived in London for five years now, so I feel like that's enough to count. Quirky and hilarious, she's the best friend you've always wanted. I particularly enjoy her videos because she prefers natural-looking makeup, which aligns best with my beauty preferences.

Fleur DeForce

Full disclosure, I first fell for Fleur because she's the proud mother of a large animal brood (three dogs and two cats). I've stuck with her because I've found her to be the most articulate and concise vlogger, but still plenty funny.

Amelia Liana

I discovered Amelia's channel through her best friendship with Estée and became quickly enamored. While her videos are probably the least applicable to my life - she tends to use the priciest, most luxury products of the group - that doesn't stop me from dreaming and drooling.

Samantha Maria

This is my go-to channel for trying (and then failing) to look a little more on the sexy side. Even though by normal human standards her looks are still pretty tame, this is what I consider to be edgy: dramatic eyes and bold lip colors.

I Covet Thee

Alix, the name behind the face, is arguably the loveliest, sweetest personality of the bunch. It's simply relaxing to listen to the lilt of her voice, and I adore her girly-girl vibes.

Any beauty blogging recommendations for Brits I missed?

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