Longing for vanny

Have you ever missed someone so much you cry? Your heart can no longer take the pain of their absence So it starts to leak from your eyes instead Then your throat starts to hurt when all you wanna do is scream their name A lump in your throat makes it hard to breathe The pain you tried to hide is freed And it's demanding to be felt right this second You can't hold in how much you long for them any longer All you want in this moment is to hear their voice. Or maybe even hold them close in your arms If you close your eyes you can feel them close to you Maybe even hear their sweet voice if your lucky Then with tears in your eyes and a crack in your heart you drift to sleep You don't mind because the person you miss so dearly is in your arms Or at least in your mind and heart they are

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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