[Flower boy next door] LIVE RECAP EP16

Hi~ 'Flower boy next door' airs on every Monday & Tuesday. So if you want to enjoy the live recap with me, come here ^.^ 11 pm on 26th of February, Don't forget hehe *Vietnamese live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/113130 JL asks "What do you think is good to ceremony 1yr?" DM says "It's been almost 1 yr.." Time goes back to 1yr ago..Ppl asks to KK, "Why you don't wanna continue ur work, animation?" Then KK says "I will do animation and gonna go back to Spain. But It's not that I go to Spain for animation. Right now I'm not going to do it for a while. I know wat is important for me now. Now, my lover is important. I don't want let her go. How can I leave behind her while she's in a trouble? Do you think I can acheive my dream apart from her?" Then he leaves with DM. KK asks "Are you okay?" DM says "Don't worry about me. I'm okay.." Then KK complains "Why you always say you're ok? If you're hard, tell me..!" Then DM suggests to go traveling together to be apart from the situation and take some rest. In the meanwhile, JL visits office and say he wanna change story. "How about adding story about love?" Then she, his co-worker, complain strongly. JL says "I realized I didn't know well about love. So I want to let ppl know more about love..Here's new story I thought..blah blah.." DM and KK went traveling together. Hanging out together, KK asks "Sorry, Thank and Love you..Which saying u most like among this?" DM says "I like all" KK says "Then you make a sentence using this sayings. Try it." DM says "I'm sorry for not accepting ur heart. And thank you for coming here, and I came to love myself thanks to you. Now it's your turn!" KK says "I'm sorry for not coming to you earlier. Thank you for loving me and I love you." At that night, JL meet DH accidentally. "Today u're alone. Where's ur friend? They are ur highschool friend, right? They looked good. This time I hope you won't lose friendship.", JL says. In the meanwhile, DM and KK having a good night. She says "I'm sorry for confessing my heart now. Thank you for being my world. I love you." KK says "This is unfair. If you say like that, my confession for you looks tiny thing." But DM says "It really touched me. I wanna hear it everyday..Would u be my world forever?" KK says "Yes, I will. I will be peacful and bright world.." DM says "There is no world like that. Sometime there will be rain, confict and hurt..but it doesn't mean that there is no love. I will be waiting for you to acheive ur dream.. I will wait forever." KK says "Then, think about only each other like there are only us in this world." KK is doing dictation test with DM. While teasing each other, they fall asleep. Seeing each other falling asleep, they think of love. Then after 1 yr.. While walking together, JL asks to DM "By the way, KK is really in Spain? He talks too much even through msg..! He asks only about you..like if you're working well and there are no other guys.." JL and DM celebrate 1yr celebration of guard's marriage. Celebrating together, Wa Ta Na Bae says "Now it's time for me to leave. I will go to Africa to learn new cook." NB gives a dool with luck to DM for present. Coming back home, DM reads a letter from KK. Reading it, DM calls to her co-worker and ask for 3day vacation. While watching outside, she suddenly sees KK. At first time, she gets surprised and thinks she saw wrong. But she realized it's real. DM runs outside to meet him and KK kisses her. In the meanwhile, JL is looking someone's drawing. "It looks good. From when u can start working?", he asks. She says "I'm sorry..but can I work in home? I will work hard." and DH is drinking in bar, then she falls in love with bartender. Every single ppl having a good life in their way. DM is writing a sotry about love. KK says "One person can't chage world, but he or she can be someone's world. If there are many ppl who become someone's world, the world gonna be brighter like KK and DM's world."

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