That Winter The Wind Blows (Korean Drama) Ep.5-LIVE Recap

OY's fianc, Myeong Ho, notices that there are two man named OS. He visit OS's home to see another OS. OS and OY goes to the river where she used to play with mom in her childhood. OS got upset of her behavior which she has no will to live. In the meanwhile, Myeong Hoon, OY's fianc, tries to find OS, so he visits Mu Cheol's home. (The home in which MC is living was OS's home. MH thought it is still OS's home.) Coming back to car, OS says "Why did u do that? U tried to die again like u did in subway station? Wait a minute. I will get some drinks for you." OY asks not to go, but he says he gonna come back in five minutes. MH asks to Mu Cheol where is another OS. MC says "There are two OS. The one has record of crime with a fraud case. And the other is son of PL company persident. Can u see that picture? The guy next to the cute guy is a liar OS." After MH leaves, MC calls to OS. "MH visited me and I gave him a pic for persent.", he says. OS feels uneasy, but pretends he doesn't care. In home, secretary Bae waits for OY then calls to OS. He says "U can't talk with her right now. She's taking a shower." Then Bae gets angry, "Even if u are her brother, u should not share same room with her. U too both adult." OS says "It's none of ur business. I told u, u're not her mom." At that night, OS takes motorbicycle with OY. He reminds of his first love. Jin Sung and Hee Sun waits for OS to come, cuz today is the day in which HS's sister passed away. They gotta have meorial service for her. (HS's sister is OS's first love.) Walking by together, OY asks of OS's first love. She asks many questions, but he doesn't answer. He says "I can talk about her when I drinks. Let's have some drinks." They have good time together, drinking soju. Before OY goes to bed, she continually tease that she wanna sleep next to him. "U know I'm blind. I feel ppl by touching them. I wonder if u look similar with father.", she says. OY says, "Ok, I will accept it. I will tell u where u should not touch." She says "I guess you would be handsome. U're tall, has good voice and thick arms. That is my criteria when I judge if he is handsome or not." OS asks "Why did u try to go into the river?" OY says "I thought if I wanna die once, this is the moment. I felt so happy for u to come to me." OS asks "Now do u trust me? Do u belive that I cameback not because of money but because of you?" OY says "Don't go. Plz stay next to me." "Ok, I won't leave. I will always be next to u if u say so. Now sleep..", OS says. Next day, OY says "I wanna see another OS. U said u are familiar with him." OS says "He's not a good guy. He betrayed me." But OY says "He looked like a good guy. A years ago, he reads me ur letter. Though it seemed like he's busy, he told me that u love me." While OS talking with OY, he gets a call from Jin Sung. Hee Sun totally got angry. "How can u forget my sister's memorial service? U stay with a girl in a beach? I will never forget this. If MC doesn't kill u, I will do that instead of him." Getting the call, OY calls to secretary Bae, so she can pick up OY. Then he heads to somewhere in a hurry. In car, Bae and OY have a controversy. "Why my eyes became like this?", OS screams. "Do not misunderstand. I did nth. I knew that you would throw me away if u find someone who can protect you instead of me. I hope ur brother is a good guy who can protects u safely. Until that, use me well.", Bae says. OS runs to the place in which his first love's memorial sign is. He finds it is broken, then screams. At that moment, MC comes next to him. "I don't understand why there is only one memorial sign. She was pregnant, so shouldn't be there two memorial sign? One is her and the other is her baby." They fights. MC says, "At that time, I told u I've loved her. But u said u love more. So I said nth. Then u threw her like that? U betrayed her." OS says "I was too young to accept her." MC says, "Here's drug I prepared for you. U can take this to die, cuz u're like trash." At that night, OY asks to secretary Bae to find another OS. In her room, she takes video with new camera. She takes it for OS. "I think I'm suffering brain tumor again. I can feel that. I considered if I gotta go hospital or not, but now I decided not to go while I'm staying with you. I won't take surgery again. I wanna spend more time with you rather than staying in hospital." OY goes to OS's room. "Apologize me. No one has never screamed to me. Or you can explain why you did that.", she says. OS says, "U make me really annoyed." "Where did you go? It seems like sth happened to you.", OY asks. OS says "I went to HJ's memorial sign. Yesterday was the day in which she passed away, but I forgot it." (Hee Ju is OS's first love.) OY tries to comfort him, but OS doesn't feel better. While going back to take a seat, she step on the drug wichi MC gave to OS. She asks wat's that, then OS says "This is drug. If you take it when you gets hurt, you can forget of everything.." Then OY asks to give the drug to her.

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